Which Unconventional Pet is Right For You?

Are you an animal-lover looking for your next pet? Well, you have a lot more options than you may think. Yes, dogs and cats are great, but there is a whole list of animals looking for their pet parents. Let’s review some less conventional pet choices.


Hamsters are great for many reasons, one main one being how simple and low-maintenance they are. Other than cleaning their cage about once a week and making sure they have food and water, they’re good to go. Hamsters are also relatively clean, considering they live in their cages all the time. 

However, there are some cons to owning a hamster. For one, they have a nocturnal lifestyle. So, don’t be surprised if you hear them running in their wheel all night long, which can get bothersome. Another thing to keep in mind is that hamsters sometimes bite, so make sure to supervise any young children playing with it. 


One of the pros of owning a pet bird is that they are naturally self-sufficient considering they don’t need to be walked or played with. Even more, they don’t take up too much space. Another benefit is that birds can also liven up a room thanks to their tropical flair, bright colors, and added-sense of nature.

On the other hand, there are some cons to having a pet bird. They are a species who like to interact with others. So if they don’t get the attention they crave, they may start getting rowdy, loud, and show signs of destructive behavior such as plucking their own feathers. And again, some birds tend to bite, so it’s important to keep an eye out if children go near the cage. 


There are many benefits to owning a lizard. A major advantage is that they don’t shed, which is great for owners with allergies. Also, they are pretty quiet pets who stay to themselves and don’t require much attention. Even their diet is pretty straight-forward and easy to manage. 

Yet, lizards require a particular living environment. You need to invest in a terrarium-type cage with specific UV lighting, which will take up a lot of space. Also, don’t expect any love and affection for these little guys. They are cold, independent pets who will sometimes bite if they feel bothered. And finally, a huge thing to keep in mind is that lizards carry salmonella in their intestinal gut, so you have to be careful when cleaning their cage or touching them.


Many people buy rabbits because they are cute and fluffy pets to have in their homes. Plus, many pet owners like the fact that they share a lot of similar characteristics to dogs and cats. Rabbits can show affection, can be docile when trained correctly, and are smart enough to learn. Rabbits even have different breeds and personality types to choose from. 

However, there are things to be mindful of when owning a rabbit. For one, they can be quite messy and require a lot of work to clean-up. Did you know that rabbits can leave behind up to 500 pellets a day? And again, because they are similar to dogs and cats, they require a lot of attention. And if they don’t receive the care they crave, they can sometimes become aggressive. 

There are many animals out there just waiting to be pets. The most important thing to consider is your personal lifestyle and expectations. Take the time to pick a pet that you know you can care for, and that matches your way of life.